Earths Greatest

Owner of small business juicing startup ‘Earths Greatest’ wanted not only branding with a fresh look, but he also wanted his online ordering experience to be more flexible for his customers.


He is currently taking orders through his website, email and phone. As the business is growing and the demand for the juices is getting higher, he wants the ordering process to be such that he no longer has to use email or phone calls to take orders. As these methods normally take time with the back and forth. Sometimes resulting in loss of sales if he cannot be reached. He would rather use email and phone for customer services and business growth instead.


  • Create an order system that does not rely on email or phone

  • Customers should be able to customise the juice box

  • Customer must have access to juice information to make a clear choice (reducing phone calls)

Logo Design


User Journey@2x.png
EG_Screen 1@2x.png
EG_Screen 2@2x.png
EG_Screen 4@2x.png
Post_2 Copy@2x.png
Earths Greatest_Mobile.png

Corporate Responsive

Corporate responsive web concept

I have been working on a lot of corporate and responsive web design lately. Soooo, just wanted to put up something I made myself from what I have learned. This is corporate responsive web concept. I’ve just done the concept for the homepage but with that I’ve also done the responsive designs for Tablet and Mobile. Enjoy! 😉

Attention to detail

Going through the process of using a 920 grid system and working to xxhdpi for mobile.


Full length design with roll over stats

GAME made mobile

Here I was asked to create a mobile version of an existing desktop concept for a GAME corporate side for investors. Did some UI | UX to sort out the navigation. Then made it look really slick. ;)