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Originally lead UI design at RMA on the Virgin Media account, within a UX/UI agile team, working on multiple user experience journeys and work streams. Adhered too and improved upon, existing brand guidelines and applied a more atomic design structure, for the logged-in user (My Virgin Media), commercial and e commerce platforms ( This led to a more experience and product design role, manifesting in the creation of a managed service. This was a user centred strategy-based model.

Work stream 1: My Virgin Media (VM Online portal)

Working in a UI, UX pair, we were asked to initially fix the existing platform, with the soul business initiative, to reduce calls to the call centre and increase the sales orders online. Through research, discovery and initiative we discovered that the existing platform was no longer fit for purpose. So, we were then asked to redesign the whole of, My Virgin Media, while aligning with business requirements.

Areas Design

  • My VM dashboard journeys and scenarios

  • Billing pages

  • Billing educational piece (Bill explainer)

  • Forgotten username & Password

  • Customer home moving journey (Movers)

This included 

  • Audit and revamping the My Virgin Media dashboard, making journeys start to the journey and more inviting one (rewrite this, as makes no sense).

  • Makes it more customer friendly and intuitive, increasing customer use, on their personal accounts

  • Educate user of multiple changes throughout their logged in account (This was done through the update of the bill explainer interactive page) 

  • Redesign billing areas making it more efficient for customers to self-service, (i.e. paying bills online, checking their broadband connectivity, receiving notifications that they have upgrades or loyalty deals). 

  • Key objective was to insure VM remains competitive and current

  • Introduce a new design system that would the billing page to have longevity.

Virgin Media (Logged-in) Billing pages



Each section of the billing page was designs as an individual design element introducing the beginning of a new design system for MyVM.

Wide Desktop - Further Billing Changes.png

More detail

Every component was thought of individually so it could work stand alone, also with responsive in mind.

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